Oct. 18th, 2005 12:27 pm
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Project Gutenberg has a wondertastic selection of Emile Zola novels! Yes, there are still a few that I have not read.

Alas, no Naguib Mahfouz :(

For those of you who are wise in the electronics world. . . I want to get a PDA-type something so I can download and read e-books without being strapped to my lap- or desktop. I don't need a personal scheduler, MP3 player, address-book/whatever, unless I have little choice in the matter. Any suggestions? I think I just need a good, reliable base model - but what does it have to have to ensure I can read e-books on it? Can I get such a thing for cheaps?
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In slandering and reviling you persist,
Calling me infidel and atheist:
My errors I will not deny, but yet
Does foul abuse become a moralist?

/This is good stuff!

Oo! Oo!

Oct. 4th, 2005 09:02 am
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Holy mother o' Pete.

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Unless you're a voracious reader who actually gives a hoot about what's under my 2005 reading belt, do not enter here.

Really, don't bother.

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I'm taking recommendations.

Now, to bed with my book.
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A few weeks ago, my friend and bookstore-insider [livejournal.com profile] shebear sent a book to me. It was a brand-new book that hadn't even hit the shelves yet!

This is just to say THANK YOU to my book fairy :)
Misfortune was a great read. There was gender-bending, 19th century livin' (both high and low), adventure, intrigue and family drama. Excellent!

Thanks again, U.

Yesterday, the man and I went to the bookstore where I got two great surprises. The first was a new Emile Zola translation. Finally! I've read every Zola novel that's been translated into English, and I was afraid there'd not be another. Hooray, I have a new Zola novel to read! Maybe by the time I'm old and gray, the whole Rougon-Macquart series will be out and I'll be able to read all 36 in order. Yes, I am a Zola fan.

The other surprise was a new Umberto Eco novel. SO excited! I was a good girl, though, and only bought the Zola. I couldn't justify the expense of two hardcover books in one day :(

So I picked up the Zola and Irving's The World According to Garp in the $7.99 paperback edition. I'm two chapters into Garp and am loving it, so I'm sure I'll be picking up Owen Meany later this month.

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I looooooooves the bookstore!

Oh, yes I do :-)

Mom and I went to Borders yesterday evening after dinner. It was the last day of the month, I still had money in the bank and I'd just had a conversation about books with some ladies on LJ. I was pumped.

I'd been reminded of a couple of books that I'd wanted to read, and [livejournal.com profile] suladog had mentioned some American authors she's been reading. . . I was ready as I approached my Heaven on Earth.

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As for my day. . . my cultures were overgrown, so I'm annoyed about that. I have to start over again, two days behind. Shit. I have plenty else I can do in the meantime.


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