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to vote for Ron Paul: see hier

ETA: Make that two reasons.

In other news, I'm tired because my son refuses to sleep through the night and because I'm staying up too late to do crafty or wifely things.

In other other news, I'm going to another craft fair this Saturday. It's the first such show for this church in La Grange, so I'm not optimistic, but I am hopeful.

In yet other news, I finally have a 'net presence. Check out Lizzypops. I only had time last night to put up four items, but I'm planning to put up a half-dozen more or so tonight. It's exciting to see how many views I've already had - although all of them happened between 10:30 last night and 6:30 this morning. There's only been one more today so far... I guess the overnight hours are the best time to shop for baby clothes?!?
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Ron Paul and Johnny Rotten were on Jay Leno last night.
Not sure why Johnny Rotten rubbed his butt, but... I suppose that's Johnny Rotten.

Ron Paul for President!
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Wow. Wow and Amen.

Go hier
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Do any of you remember when Dick Cheney was capable of talking sense? Where was this guy 5 years ago?

As Lamar says in the comments thread, "The only thing 9/11 changed in Dick Cheney's world was making him go from correct to incorrect son of a bitch bastard incompetent piece of shit warhawk who personifies evil."

Eeeeyup, that's about right.
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Just in case any of you still think Harriet Miers is a good choice for the Supreme Court, Take a gander at the evidence of her less-than-stellar intellectual prowess. Links galore, so feast your eyes and smack your forehead in dismay.

I guarantee you'll wind up with a bruise by the time you're done.

I am so very afraid.

Yay! I'm relieved (temporarily).
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Follow the links and prepare to laugh and cry. Try not to pee your pants.

1. From the horse's mouth (so to speak)

2. Really from the horse's mouth. . . sometimes fiction and truth come frighteningly close, neh?
Stay Sweet! BFF! Love, Harriet.

3. Laughs at the heavily eyeliner-endowed candidate's expense - Aristocrats fans will find a special treat at the end :)

/I am sooooo scared!
//channeling Grover
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O thank Harold. I've been keeping up with the "progress" of the proposed "Please, sir, may I procreate?" legislation in Indiana. There are several postings over at The Agitator and elsewhere, if you care to read up on the ridiculousness.

I am relieved to find that the morons who thought they could do this have realized that, no, they really can't.

Now if only the Supreme Court will decide in favor of the people of Oregon on the assisted suicide law, I'll have a wee of bit faith restored in my country.

But just a wee bit.
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This msnbc piece is worth reading for this quotation alone:

"Being called partisan and vindictive by Tom DeLay is like being called ugly by a frog."

*giggles through DHE haze*
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So the Visitor's locker room here at UIowa is painted pink. The urinals are pink, the tile is pink, the lockers are pink. . . you get the picture. I'm sure many of you are aware that psychological studies have proven that color can have a strong effect on mood. As in, the red/yellow scheme of McDonald's is intended to increase the appetite. It's why lots of people like yellow in their kitchens. It's why prisons are usually painted in gray, and hospitals in soothing creams.

Apparently, though, a pink locker room is sexist and homophobic, according to several UI professors who only recently figured out that the locker room has been pink for a very long time.

A question for my homosexual friends. Do you consider yourself "queer-identified"? And if so, why do you find that term better than "gay"?

Honestly, if I were gay, I'd rather be called gay or lesbian. Hell, I'd prefer "fag" over "queer-identified".
Also, I wouldn't bitch about the color of some sweaty locker room. There are much bigger fish to fry, and honestly, this non-issue doesn't even qualify as a minnow.

PC bullshit.
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Honestly, I'm having a hard time NOT thinking about Rita, what with half my extended family in the path of that monster.

But in an effort to try and think about something else, here's this. Arg.
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While news like this still outrages me, it no longer surprises me at all.


Jun. 29th, 2005 12:23 pm
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Justice Souter's decision on property rights in the Kelo case may bite him in the ass. After the Kelo decision, which allows the government to exercise eminent domain in favor of private enterprises (ie., they can take your property and give it to Walmart or Marriott), a developer in New Hampshire has expressed his intention to buy Justice Souter's property and home. Logan Darrow Clements has sent his request to local officials, making official his intention to build a hotel, The Lost Liberty Hotel, on the property.

Justice can be sweet, and you can help!

Go here and make a pledge that you will spend 7 nights in the Lost Liberty Hotel, should it be built. This way, we can make clear to the Weare, NH officials that there is a demand (and potential profits!) for such a venture.

I've put in my pledge :)

"I would like to reserve summer 2007 acommodations for two, please.

Breakfast service, evening beverage and turn-down services, a free newspaper and a copy of the Constitution of the United States (in lieu of Gideon) are also requested."


Jun. 28th, 2005 10:07 am
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I'll post on regular stuff later.

I thought I'd share this lovely tidbit from our friend Rick Santorum with you, first.

If that doesn't get you riled, I don't know what will.
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Blech. I have a killer headache. So what else is new? Here's a rant.

For those of you who care, here are links to partial transcripts and additional information fromt the Hinchey-Rohrabacher debate.

I'm sad and angry and disappointed, although not at all surprised, that yet again the medical marijuana cause has been smacked down by Congress. Now, because of the Raich decision, the feds can now bust into grandma's house in Maine or Hawaii or California (or in any of the other states who have passed medical marijuana laws) and arrest her for using marijuana to help deal with her glaucoma pain. They can bust into anybody's home where marijuana is being used to help live with AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and any other of a number of wasting or painful diseases. Yes, even if those homes which are in states that have passed medical marijuana laws.

Add this to the further invasion of our rights by states where over-the-counter cold medicines are now stored behind pharmacy counters. Here in Iowa, we have to show a driver's license and sign a log with our names, DL#, address and phone numbers if we just want to pick up a little Sudafed for a head cold. What a waste of bureaucratic energy and money. Here's just one example of how these laws hurt more than they help.

And of course there's always the DEA's war on pain doctors and pain patients.

I keep wondering which Constitution these people are reading? The First, Fourth, Ninth and Tenth amendments seem to be dead and forgotten in our legislative halls.

I've been accused of hating my country. I don't. I love it and I love our Constitution. What breaks my heart and makes me so desperately angry with my country is the way our Constitution is ignored and abused. Read up on these things, even if you don't think they affect you directly. Trust me, they do affect you. Every time we allow our constitutional rights to be trampled, it affects us all. Yes, it's a slippery slope argument and I hate slippery slope arguments - but it applies here. We're witnessing the slide.
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First up is Frist, who tries (and fails) to backpedal and rewrite history in light of the Schiavo autopsy. Let's see. . . Bill Frist before and Bill Frist now.

So he's willing to make a mess of people's lives on 'evidence' gleaned from the media, but isn't willing to go for any hard evidence until it's too late and the autopsy report is made public. In the media. Now there's some scientific integrity, folks. If our physicians got their information from the popular media and based their diagnoses on that information alone. . . well I don't think many of us would survive very long.

I'm also forced to ask whether anyone bothered to do a CT scan or MRI of this woman? Wouldn't that have solved the problem long ago? It seems all she ever got were external exams and EEGs, the results of which were obviously up for interpretation. A CT scan would have been pretty damn clear, wouldn't it?

And here's another forehead-smacker from right here in Iowa. Some oldie knocks up one of his young Amish employees and a whacky custody battle ensues. *sigh*
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I live in one.

I just got my smallest paycheck yet because the state of Iowa has decided that it's their job to make me save for retirement. They yanked $109.67 out of my paycheck this month to put it into their own little savings plan (read: things like the Coralville library, the rainforest and other such bond-funded bullshit) on the premise that it's in my best interest to save money.

News flash, people. I have an IRA, thanks to my darling Jeffrey who helped me to open one. I also have a savings account and an interest-bearing checking account. I'm already making monthly contributions to MY SAVINGS PLANS, and building equity in my home through extra payments.

Now that the Lovely State of Iowa has stolen $109.67 of MY MONEY for the forseeable future, it's going to make it a wee bit more difficult for me to do all that, isn't it?

They say I get it back when I leave, plus a fractional fraction of a percent of the 'matching' employer contribution, but what does that do for me? That money could have been earning an (admittedly pathetic) 2.8% APY in my ING account or been working for me in my IRA!


I have to recalculate everything and refigure my witholdings. AGAIN.

In other news, I'm wearing a t-shirt that The Boy idea'd and I designed. It says: CST or PST? and has two little clocks on it, one showing 5 o'clock, the other showing 7. We printed and iron-transferred it onto one of my old long-sleeved shirts last night so I can wear it to group meeting today. I'll ask Jeff to take a picture when I get home, unless I can get a group shot of the t-shirt protesters.

Grant's wearing a Huskies shirt and he's going to put a circle with a big NO on it.
Tim's (the other PI) design has Thing1 and Thing2 on a see-saw with waffles and pairs of flip-flops floating in the background.

I don't know if anyone else is doing anything, but this will be our small statement. It will get us nowhere, I'm sure.
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Color me glad to gone from there:

More weirdness in Saudi

Not my school, not my community, but waaaaaay too close for comfort. Damn. There are still plenty of people living in Dhahran and Ras Tanura that I knew - that I still know.

It is so strange to read in the news about places I know, places I've been. Dhahran Academy was one of our school's competitors, the consulate always hosts a 4th of July picnic with real beer. . . I stayed at one of the bombed compounds in Riyadh for a knowledge bowl competition when I was a kid, and I think my family stayed at another one (the Boeing one) for a square dancing jamboree.

That was all 10 or more years ago, but still - -

Weird weird weird weird weird


May. 13th, 2003 11:03 am
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Rabbits are eating my garden. Check that - they're nibbling, sampling and spitting out. See, they like to taste things before they decide they don't like something. My pansies are being decimated, as are my marigolds. Grrrr. I may try some moth balls, but all I can find online as solutions are traps, poisons and fences - greaaat.

In other news, people blew up a bunch of American communities in Riyadh. Fan-fucking-tastic. Yes, I still consider the stinking dustbowl of Saudi Arabia to be my home, even though they will never welcome me back and I will never see again. I think about Ras Tanura a lot, and I've been wondering when it or places like it would be targeted. Last night is my answer, I guess.

Being so far away, I can't get many answers. It seems that being closer doesn't mean you have many more answers, though. [ profile] stylophonepet can only tell me the communities that were hit and that security in Ras Tanura is on high alert. As if that means anything at all. Makes me sick. It really, truly makes me sick.

The communities: Cordoval, Gadawal, Siyanco, and Al-Hamra. I remember the Siyanco and Al-Hamra communities. Mom, Dad, do you?

And almost no one here in the U.S. has a clue or gives a crap of the magnitude because it's too far away and it's not happening in Israel and the footage and reporting isn't available. Did I mention how sick this makes me?

I love how they're reporting how luxurious it is to live there: Skewed idea of life in Saudi. Ok, folks - you can call it luxury all you want, but that stuff is there to keep the "inmates" from going crazy. Believe me.

And that tax-free bit? It's only tax-free until you move back to the U.S., when your state of chosen residence will then charge you back-taxes on every dollar you ever earned while overseas. :-)

I love it when the media takes an opportunity spread a half-truth and leave us uninformed at the same time. Wonderful.

News from the region:
Arab News


I got more information from both of these and my other Arab news sources than from my US news sources. Go figure. *shrug*
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I'm COMSTATing my heart out today.

For all my dear readers, that means I'm sitting in an uncomfortable chair at the computer running a scripts over and over and over and over and over . . . again on lots and lots and lots and lots and lots. . . well, you get the picture. . . of data sets.

It's working, but it's frustrating because I'm having to make very tough decisions that aren't intuitive at all (at least, not for me) and it's repetitive and it's boring. But it's getting done. That's what matters.

During little breaks while the program was running, I came back to my laptop to read today's issue of the MRC CyberAlert. Boy, is that a hoot-and-a-half! I wish it were a site that focused on tracking all media bias, not just tracking liberal media bias - but I suppose that might be too much work for one organization to handle :-) Heh. Besides, sometimes I think it's a lot easier to spot a conservative, anyway.

Anyway, if you follow the link, you may want to focus on points 2 and 4 - the tax cut and Susan Sarandon's idea of what's a fact. Illuminating stuff.

Back to bidness.


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