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Oh, hey! Hi there! I'm still here, and it looks like some of you are, too.

So, hi! Life is a blur of work and home.

Liam is a pleasant little fellow, very strong, pleasant, with a cute laugh that he's only had for a week or two. He's discovered his hands and is beginning to learn how to control them. He's affectionate, which at this point means he demands affection -- constantly. Our only trouble is Liam's habit of melting down into screams when all he really needs to do is go to sleep. Inconsolable baby is crazymaking for the grown ups. Samuel and Dixon helpfully inform us, "Mommy, Liam's crying" (or in Dixonese, "Mommy! Baby tying! Hush baby! Baby 'top it!")

Speaking of Dixon, he's full of words, but he's intelligible only to family, for the most part. He's a sharp one, though, and when the light goes on and we realize what he's saying, we're often stunned. He's already a creative little jokester who promises to be real trouble someday. Dixon is also solidly in the Terrible Twos, which, having had a 3 year-old, is not all that bad in comparison but annoying nonetheless. Dixon is fond of telling us "no" and telling us we're bad when we reprimand him. He's such a sensitive fellow that we're having a hard time finding a balance of discipline that gets the point across without causing him to melt down. Then again, he probably knows this and capitalizes on his ought-to-be illegally high-pitched scream to take advantage.

Samuel is (knock wood) starting to turn around with his behavior, which has me breathing a big sigh of (tentative, not wanting to jinx it) relief. He stayed on "green" all week last week, at home and at school, and we had a fantastic weekend. Bed time is still difficult, and he's still wound up tighter than a spring in the evenings, but it's slowly and gradually improving. Maybe his speech is finally catching up with his intellect, allowing him to express himself more effectively. He's teetering on the edge of literacy, and I'm so very excited about that. He's interested in numbers, math, and letters, words, and spelling. When I pick him up from school, he tells me what all the signs mean. "That one means you can't go left!" "That one says school bus stop ahead!" And the kids has got an incredible memory. What a wonder it is to watch him grow. My beautiful, handsome little man turns 4 this weekend. Blows my mind.

As for me, I'm just busy all the time. I learned a new, better way to wrap the baby, so baby-wearing is now much easier for me. I was able to run around the yard playing soccer with Samuel, with the baby in the wrap. Very cool. I can even pick up Dixon while wearing the baby, which makes Dixon happy, but makes my arms and posture miserable. In my down-time (aka nursing the baby), I play Words With Friends or read. I'm re-reading the Dune series paperbacks now, but when that's done I'll pull out the Kindle. I'm reading Ben Franklin's autobiography on the Kindle while I pump.

*sigh* Ramble ramble

We're going on vacation to Myrtle Beach over the Memorial Day weekend and the following week. When we get back, Samuel will start taking Tae Kwon Do, a fact that has me tickled pink. He's so physical, and I think this will be the perfect way for him to learn self-discipline and body control. Later this summer, I want to go to New England to see my friends and smoosh all our kids into a fantastic chaotic pile of fun.

So that's me lately. :)
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