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A few nights ago, I posted on FB that Liam was asleep in his own bed. That was short-lived. Two hours' worth of short-lived, in fact. He spends most of every night in bed with me, because heaven forbid he should wake up alone. I didn't set out to have a family bed, but I was never opposed to the idea, either. It just so happens that Liam is the first child for whom it seems to be the best option. I'm game for anything that makes life just a little bit easier these days, especially if it means a few more minutes' sleep.

We may start to see better sleep soon, though, as Liam's first tooth made its appearance today. It hasn't broken through entirely, but I can feel and see it. Now if only he'd start eating, we'd be golden. Maybe he's just too busy to eat, I dunno. He was scooching at 7 months, crawling at 8 months, and cruising a week after that. A week after that, he started climbing the stairs. He's good. Scary good. I bet he's walking by Thanksgiving.

He won't eat damn thing. Nothing makes it past that tongue of his - and if it does, he gacks it out. Nope, nothing but mama milk for this boob fan. And he is a fan. Everything I pump, he eats, and I can't for the life of me build up anything in storage. He nurses so much when I'm home that I can't pump extra. It's nuts.

Alright. I just needed to get that down, since I've been remiss in my journaling. Some day my boys will argue over who I loved more, and they'll point to my journal for proof.
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