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Oh, the suckitude! On my way home from work on Wednesday, some jackhole came around a blind curve on Covered Bridge Rd, which isn't unusual, except he did it while straddling the center-line. I startled, as he didn't correct until it was almost too late. Only then, it was too late because in my startle, I hit a guard rail.

I blew a big hole in my front passenger side tire, got a long but minor scrape along the side, and busted the steel belt in the rear tire. To put icing on the fuck me cake, I broke the CV joint.

This is the first driving accident I've ever had and it's freaked me out. Driving home from getting the tires yesterday, I quickly realized there was something more wrong with the car. Aside from being pissed off that the guy who just spent an hour and a half in the car's underbelly didn't notice (or bother to mention) the broken CV joint, I was thrown right back into anxiety mode. Samuel was in the car with me and that had me even more upset.

By the time I got home I was shaking and almost in tears over the disturbing sensation that my brain felt only half there. In my distress I almost rear-ended my dad's truck in the driveway because I forgot that I'd already put the car in park and accidentally put it back into gear.

I couldn't get out of the car fast enough.

Of course Samuel, who'd been an angel to this point, started screaming about 45 minutes after we got home, when I'd finally begun to calm down. He didn't settle down for more than 10 minutes at a time until about 9 o'clock, by which time I'd been effectively rendered into a puddle.

I've been getting weird muscle cramps for several days, in my right leg and foot, and in my left bicep... I don't know if it's nutritional or psychosomatic.

The good news is, my company's award is about to be released. Woo-hoo! That's $120,000 I've brought in now... and as soon as I get the matching grant in, that'll be another $100,000. All the funding I'm applying for will total about $2.9 million and I'm certain we'll get all of it because we really do have The Next Big Thing in anticoagulation medicine.

Ok, are our eyes sufficiently glazed?

I need a nap.

Go me!

Jul. 9th, 2007 08:34 am
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I'd like to pat myself on the back for a few moments... I stayed up late last night and finished the quilt top. It looks pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself :-D

Here you can see the details in the vintage fabrics. The only non-vintage pattern is the yellow - everything else is from the 1930s.

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I turned in my bright red leather-bound dissertation today. Two copies, plus one unbound. For this, I drove two hours up to Bton, where I parked my car in a 15-minute spot next to Starbuck's. Grabbed the box of paper and my knapsack and purse and chugged through the woods to Jordan Hall, where I chatted with everyone I met (ok, almost everyone) until I found Clay. Clay signed my dissertation(s) and abstracts and asked how I was doing, offered advice and burned a copy of my dissertation and presentation onto a CD for posterity. Blah blah blah. Chugged my way the long way 'round to the graduate school, where I stood and watched the lady pore through the documents and signed forms and such. Chugged to the bookstore to rent my robe and cap, then to the software shop to buy a cheap XP disk. The disk will likely do me no good, as I think my problem is hardware, not software. I guess the lifespan of any computer in my posession is 3.4 years. Groovy. Crossed the hall to buy a bag of popcorn and a coke before I chugged back to the car, almost two hours after I left it.


Headed for home on the road I didn't take on the way in and sped along the backways and byways, enjoying the change of scenery. Really, for a quickie trip, who wants to cover the same road twice? I hit I-65 south at mile 29 and cruised to a grinding halt at mile 18. Apparently, that 18-wheeler I saw in the ditch this morning (5 hours ago) is still not cleaned up. Sitsitsitsitsit. Rolllllll. Sit. Roollll. Sitsitsitsit . . . readabooksnoozestare. . . you get the picture. Two hours later, I'm at mile 11 and finally in the clear. That truck was gone, but he'd left a huge dent in the dirt and bush behind the guardrail. Guess they shoulda made that rail a few feet longer, eh? By the time I hit the bridge over the Ohio, I was in stop-and-go traffic again, and could no longer see the trucker who (for some reason) had taken 4 pictures of me - one for every time he passed me. Guess I looked cute. Not.

Got home 7 hours after I'd left, feeling completely deflated.

But! It's official, I AM Bronwyn E. Ramey, PhD.



Oct. 22nd, 2004 04:44 pm
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Paging Dr. Ramey.
Paging Dr. Ramey.

Oh! Here she is!

That's right, baby. ME!

Radio song

Jul. 25th, 2003 08:38 am
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Well, not really. But if you go here and take a listen right now (OH MY GOD, THEY JUST ANNOUNCED MY NAME AGAIN) I'll be on at 9 ish am central time and again right before noon.

If you're on dial-up, I guess you're out of luck. I'm sorry, I don't know how to (or if it's possible) to record from the online radio. If anybody else can finagle it, my mom and dad would love to hear me - they're one of the dial-ups and are really disappointed :-(

Anyway, listen in and even if you don't like what I say, at least you'll get to hear my voice!
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Okay, so it's not a yellow polka dot bikini. . . And thank god for that!

I have now worn both of my bikinis (only in the backyard, so far) and I have me some little tanlines! *big grin*

I'm going to go play on the computer to build some figures for my paper from 10-noon, then I'm going to head out early - yes EARLY to. . .

deposit $356.92 in checks from MegaDeath!!!!

Finally, finally finally!

I'm going to then go to the health center and promptly spend $192 of that on a refill :-/ I'd say easy come, easy go, but that old saw hardly applies when it comes to this insurance crap, now does it?

Then it's on to the resale shop to sell off some old but barely-worn pairs of size 4 jeans. Yes, I am back down to a size 4, but these are jeans that I bought in some haze of what-were-you-thinking?!? so I want to get rid of them. They are Eddie Bauer brand, come up too high on my waist and the inseam is too short. They also have those horrid tapered legs. All that adds up to making me look like I have chicken legs. *Blech* I won't get anything much for them, but something is better than nothing, I suppose.

Next stop, the grocery store, then I think I just might take myself and my beach towel out to the backyard again, if I don't feel ballsy enough to head to the park. Of course, in my own backyard, I'm probably scandalizing my elderly neighbors. It's a tough call, really.

Tonight we have a meeting of the Neighborhood association to discuss the development plan for the area just south of my house. The next Plan Commission meeting is on the 7th, so this is going to be an important meeting to attend. I plan to speak at the next Plan Commission meeting, so look for me on tv!!! I'm a fledgling politician :-)

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Hi guys. Rough week!

The Lawnmower saga (Jeebus, will it never end?!?):

I don't believe in lawnmower miracles :-) He left me no note or phone message and no parts ever arrived at my door (as I'd been told they would). I had to find out after making two more long distance calls and one local call and then receive a call from that location in Louisville (the one that told me before they COULDN'T help me!) to find out that that the serviceman had been to my house on Thursday to fix the skirt on the mower.

Ok, but what about the cable? I spent a full 15 minutes, if not more, on the phone with Shaun in Louisville explaining the problem with the choke cable. For those of you keeping count, this makes the fifth time I will have had to ask for this. It should have been done the first time, dontcha think?

At first he tried to suggest that they would come out and fix it, but I'd have to pay for the part and labor. Uh, no, Shaun, that's not how it's going to work. Let me explain the chain of events for you so you'll see who's responsible for the charges now.

He took a few moments to think about it and then found the order that said very clearly that Ohio was indeed responsible. Ohio needed to pay to finish the job.

Of course, I came home on Friday to look at the mower - I wanted to see the long-sought skirt after all - and out of curiosity, I pulled it out of the shed and tried to start it. It started on the second pull.

I wasn't planning to mow, but the yard needed it, I needed to do something that would give me some instant gratification, so instead of eating I did yard work.

The mower still misbehaved a few times. The cable has been duplicate ordered, one arrived at the house yesterday (rolls eyes). The appointment is scheduled for this Thursday. That should be the closing chapter of this saga. *crossing fingers*

The Insurance saga (how to grow cobwebs while going to the poorhouse)

No sign of my reimbursement check, but I am nearly out of my Topamax. I have to get my refill on Tuesday, at the latest. I'll be out about $500 at that point.

On the Worker's comp claim front, we have better news. The office on campus has contacted the hospital and the Unity Physician's Grp and I no longer should hear anything from either party. Apparently, workman's comp pays 100%. Yay!

The mortgage refi (just when you think it's safe . . .)

I hate appraisers. I don't hate much or often, but appraisers are one of those things that are on my list. The word arbitrary comes to mind, also unreliable. May I add often crooked? I won't bore you with details, but I'll tell you that I've been doing my homework, doing it as thoroughly as I can, and I'm working with my broker to make this refi successful. I'm just glad I have some sense - I really fell badly for people who don't have any sense, because I can see how easily those people can get screwed. As it is, I think I may have been a victim of predatory lending a year and a half ago. . . I'm not certain, but it's possible. I may have been lucky in that it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

It's hard to know, and it's almost impossible to undo.

The process I'm working on now is much, much better and will be more fair. It's just so damned stressful to go through at times.

My summer solstice

I went shopping yesterday with summer goals in mind after my new-jeans goal was thwarted. There were no 4-short Levi 577s ANYWHERE in town! So, I decided to shop for. . .


Heeheeheeee I bought two teeny-tiny bikinis, one of them a string bikini :-D One of them is pink, the other is turquoise, and I was surprised at how I could put them on and say "wow!"

After my recent weight-loss I thought it was time, although as usual, I was still looking at my backside and cringing. Heh. I bought a pair of sweet flip-flops (lavender with beaded thongs) and a straw purse big enough to carry all my stuff when I go sunning, a big yellow beach towel, sunglasses and a bunch of new unmentionables ;-) What can I say? Everything was on sale 50% off!

I think I'll eat some lunch, then see if I can't catch some sun today before heading into the lab later this afternoon. See ya around the 'net. Thanks for sticking around :-)

Oh. By the way. I watched Howard Dean this morning on Meet the Press and was impressed by his candor. I've had a few moments of not liking him, but those were third-party moments, orchestrated by the press. Having a chance to listen to him for a full discussion was great. I recommend you get a hold of a transcript, if you can.
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What a day this has been. I got some great results this morning - results that mean a lot of work lay ahead of me, but really great results! Then I had a fantastic conversation with my favorite cubicle-worker [ profile] corto, with a really special treat of a little phone call.

There's nothing like a voice to really help you make a connection.

So it's back to business, the lab is empty, I'm out in the hallway talking with [ profile] ashfault76 when the phone starts ringing in the lab. It rings and rings and rings. . . I run in to catch it and hear a familiar voice asking for me.

When I realized who it was, I got that all-over body quiver and I swear I just about lost my knees. I know I started squealing or something, because my boss came out of his office to see what was going on.

It was Lee Prokowich on the other end of the line. It was Lee. I couldn't believe it. It's been 8 years since we've seen each other, but when we last communicated we were teenagers, we were struggling and we cared for each other very, very much. I still have all of his letters. Every epic-length epistle :-) We were R.E.M. fans together - the Monster album came out the year we last saw each other. We were Calvin and Hobbes fans together. We were frightened together. We were musicians together. We never quite knew what to do with each other.

And then we lost touch and I have missed him and wondered ever since.

Lee called me today. He's going to call me back at home. I am SO excited!

Oh, and by the way. I forgot to tell you all that I was on local TV last week :-) I went to a City Planning Commission meeting about a proposed rezoning/development just south of my block. When they opened the floor to the public, I was fourth in line, after the Bryan Park Neighborhood Association officers gave their prepared statements. Hehehehe. The three guys who spoke before me made 2 good points, but only spoke for about a minute each - the third guy didn't have a leg to stand on, unfortunately. Then it was me!

I haven't seen the broadcast yet, but one of my friends saw it when it was on - LIVE! - and said I did really well. Lots of people stopped me afterward to talk to me. It was so cool. I keep going back to Channel 5 to see if they're re-broadcasting it :-D I wanna see me on TV.

There's another meeting on July 7. I'm definitely going back, this time I hope with a prepared statement! I DON'T want this development going in - at least, not the way they had it presented last week.

My first foray into politics. What fun!


Jun. 16th, 2003 12:50 pm
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I didn't know I could blush like that.

Let me explain.

I sing. I sing all the time. At home, in the lab, in the car - whether there's music to accompany me or not.

I'm not a belter or anything, just so we're clear. . . but you can usually hear me softly singing "Anticipation" or "Daniel" or "Throwing it All Away" if there's nothing playing for me to hum or sing along.

Just a little while ago, "Shining Light" by 10,000 Maniacs was playing on my jukebox and I was singing along - it's one of the song's that fits my voice best. I didn't even realize I was doing it, really, as I was entering data (GREAT data, by the way!).

Xuesong leaned over to peer around his computer monitor - we face each other at our desks - to tell me he thinks I have a really great singing voice.

You know that all-over-body blush feeling, when you get pins and needles all over?

Yeah, I got that. It felt great. There was a time when I would have been too self-conscious to continue after a compliment like that. Heh. Not now. I got over the blush and giggle and kept right on going :-)
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I heard from Steve at Murdoh (after playing phone tag for a while). He tells me that FCM requested a full appraisal from him! That's going to run $350 and take about 3 weeks! You told me that all we needed was an external-only appraisal, something which costs only $250 and takes much less time.

I hope that you are going to stick with what you told me at the first and are not changing the plans, now. If you are changing the plans, I expect FCM to find a way to offset the extra $100 somehow because I cannot afford it and I don't want it just rolled into the loan as more debt.

This is a matter of trust, here, and I take it very seriously. Steve is waiting for my return call, as we both know that time is very critical. I'd like to get this refi completed very quickly.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you,


I heard back from a contrite James this afternoon. . .

Bromwyn. (sic)
MY FAULT! I must have checked the wrong box on the appraisal sorry!!!!!!! It is only a drive appraisal.
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Courtesy of Platofish, one of my scientifically inclined friends, comes the interview meme.
Five questions:

1. James Watson: Hero or villain?
In my view, he's neither one nor the other. He was lucky to be at the right place at the right time. He had the data and his mind was ready to see it, so he and Francis Crick had the stroke of insight that Maurice Wilkins wasn't ready to have. Rosalind Franklin may have seen it, were she studying the B-form crystallographs, but alas, she was looking at A-forms. Chargaff had pieces of the puzzle, but didn't see it; Linus Pauling, a chemical genius, insisted on a model that was inside-out. Watson and Crick sat in a room with a chalkboard and tinker toys and put other people's data (without their consent or knowledge) to use. It was a brilliant leap.

"It has not escaped our notice that the specific pairing we have postulated immediately suggests a possible copying mechanism for the genetic material." Watson and Crick, Nature, April 25 1953. What biology student hasn't read those words?

James Watson since then has ridden the wave of his popularity and has personally contributed very little to the scientific world. He is also, from what I have heard from those who have worked with him, and based on his own writings, a chauvinist and an ass :-) Neither he nor Crick ever gave credit where it was due - namely, that the data on which their model was based belonged to Ms. Franklin; neither did they acknowledge her when they won the Nobel prize. Watson disparaged her in his book and continues to do so today. So no. He's not a hero or a villain. I think he had a great insight once, but then became a victim of his own (and the world's eventual) delusions of his grandeur. Sad, really, and I have only a little respect for him.

2. What is your view on astrobiology? In particular, what kind of microbial life might be out there, if any?
On this topic, of course, we can only speak in hypotheticals. I have no religious or moral imperative telling me that ours is the only planet on which life exists. What I work from is my understanding of the ideas behind the RNA world and the origins of life, the first cell, etc. Arthur Koch, who has done much of the theoretical work in the field of the first cell, works in our department - I suppose I am lucky for this. I even edited his last book!

I'm not saying I understood it, mind you (heehee, right Dave?)

Astrobiology. The statistical chances of life having begun at all on our own planet are infinitesimally small, while the universe is insanely large. I would think that, given those odds, it is possible that life has also begun somewhere "out there". I don't think it would follow any rules other than those we already know are required for the basic cell - ie, this life would be C,N,O-based and follow the basic rules of membranes, for example.

I do think it's possible, but I don't think the universe is teeming with life in a Star-Trek sort of scenario ;-)

3. Which would you choose, having to cut your own hair for the rest of your life, or not drinking alcohol?
I thought this was really easy at first - No alcohol! Definitely! I Then I thought, well, wait. . .*laughs* This is a more difficult question after all! After much thought, much more deep thought than ever I thought I could put into such a question, I have decided that I would rather go without alcohol than ever have to cut my own hair.

That is my final answer.

4. What would you do for a living, if you couldn't do science? (Real jobs, not travelling the world and writing about it)
Gee, does that mean archaeology is out? *grin* I'm trying to think of something that doesn't have -ology in the suffix! My parents would love it if I went back to live with them (or near them, at least) and helped them start up their nursery business. That would be great. I could spend a lot of time out doors.

I'd be devastated though, because archaeology really would be my first (second) choice. . . I really can't imagine doing anything but science.

5. Is genetically modified food an issue, or is it ok?
Haven't we been eating genetically modified food since the ancients bred wild wheats into bread-flour wheats? All those different tomatoes we love so well are genetically modified too. But oh no, if a pipet and an Agrobacterium strain comes near, watch out! *sigh* Yes, I'm being sarcastic. I honestly believe that there are more benefits to GM foods than there are drawbacks.

Having said that, GM foods should be thoroughly researched and properly tested for safety - no need to run pell-mell into anything, only to get burned in the end.

My point is that there are many GM products that we already know are perfectly safe that are being rejected simply because of stigma and prejudice. Meanwhile, people are going hungry, rivers are dying and reservoirs are being polluted.

GM foods are not a god to be worshipped and never questioned, but they are not something to be rejected outright.

Thanks, [ profile] platofish! Of course, [ profile] ashfault76 decided to steal the questions you gave to me and he answered them last night on his own page. Harumph. :-D

Anyway, here are my answers. Longwinded, but as well thought out as I could make them in the time limit I gave myself. Congratulations to those of you who made it this far! If you want questions from me, let me know. It may take me some time, but I'll come up with some and toss 'em your way.
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-----Original Message-----
From: Me
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 4:11 PM
To: eric@the mortgage lending place
Subject: Re: Eric - First Financial (Lending Tree)

I didn't realize the offers were altogether at Lending Tree's website.
Very convenient! Thank you for letting me know about that feature.

Having seen them altogether now, it is very clear who has offered the
best deal so far. The origination fees that your firm is charging push
the closing costs quite high. It seems just another way of buying down
the interest rate.

I have another offer with no origination fee and no points on a 3 yr
ARM, 3.63% interest rate (3.75% APR). So far, that is the best offer
I've seen.

Unless you can beat that by waiving your fee, I won't be able to accept
your offer.



From: eric@the mortgage lending place
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 4:30 PM
To: Me
Subject: Re: Eric - First Financial (Lending Tree)

That is a very good offer. I can not compete with that.




Har. I didn't think so, Eric!

The other offer, with the higher buy-down fees, I just left a phone message saying, "thank you for your time, but I have a much better offer. Have a great afternoon."

This Lending Tree stuff is pretty damn cool!

I am waiting for one more offer, but they have a tough offer to beat, I tell you what.


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