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Oh, the suckitude! On my way home from work on Wednesday, some jackhole came around a blind curve on Covered Bridge Rd, which isn't unusual, except he did it while straddling the center-line. I startled, as he didn't correct until it was almost too late. Only then, it was too late because in my startle, I hit a guard rail.

I blew a big hole in my front passenger side tire, got a long but minor scrape along the side, and busted the steel belt in the rear tire. To put icing on the fuck me cake, I broke the CV joint.

This is the first driving accident I've ever had and it's freaked me out. Driving home from getting the tires yesterday, I quickly realized there was something more wrong with the car. Aside from being pissed off that the guy who just spent an hour and a half in the car's underbelly didn't notice (or bother to mention) the broken CV joint, I was thrown right back into anxiety mode. Samuel was in the car with me and that had me even more upset.

By the time I got home I was shaking and almost in tears over the disturbing sensation that my brain felt only half there. In my distress I almost rear-ended my dad's truck in the driveway because I forgot that I'd already put the car in park and accidentally put it back into gear.

I couldn't get out of the car fast enough.

Of course Samuel, who'd been an angel to this point, started screaming about 45 minutes after we got home, when I'd finally begun to calm down. He didn't settle down for more than 10 minutes at a time until about 9 o'clock, by which time I'd been effectively rendered into a puddle.

I've been getting weird muscle cramps for several days, in my right leg and foot, and in my left bicep... I don't know if it's nutritional or psychosomatic.

The good news is, my company's award is about to be released. Woo-hoo! That's $120,000 I've brought in now... and as soon as I get the matching grant in, that'll be another $100,000. All the funding I'm applying for will total about $2.9 million and I'm certain we'll get all of it because we really do have The Next Big Thing in anticoagulation medicine.

Ok, are our eyes sufficiently glazed?

I need a nap.
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This is why nurse'n'surf is not a good idea... Oops!

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So I take my little pen drive to TY's office to go over the slides for my talk. We talk. We finish. he hits "Save" then pops out the pen drive. I go back to my computer and open the file.

Half the slides are now blank. Specifically, those slides with the elaborate Drawing bits are now blank.



Several backings and forthings later, I find that I can now only open the file in OpenOffice.


XP Powerpoint --> Mac Powerpoint --> OpenOffice?

And I can't paste from OO to ppt, nor can I import from ppt to OO. So I'm stuck trying to figure out the OpenOffice slide program, while fixing the pictures (because they're there, but they're not quite right) and trying to finish the thing.


I call on the "Screw the Pooch" icon for this one.
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Cymbalta + 1 glass of wine = good
Cymbalta + 1 long island iced tea = niiiiiice
Cymbalta + 2 long island iced teas = Friday's Famous All-Night PukeFest, plus a bonus prize! Saturday Night Migraine!

Don't have to tell me twice, nosirree. I've learned my lesson.
stupid, stupid, stupid

PhD must stand for "Phucking Dimwit".

Now that I've made sacrifices to the porcelain god and eaten my penance share of crackers and ginger ale, can I please feel better now? Honest, body, I won't do it again. Forgive me?


Quiz time

Jul. 30th, 2003 01:33 pm
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Ok, boys and girls. It's quiz time.

Fix this line of code for Ms. Bronwyn, ok?

{a href="%%urlread%%"}%%messagecount%% colony%%mc-plural-ies%%{/a} | 

Thank you.
(Please don't say the brackets are wrong, I put those in so you could see the rest of it. Um. Yeah.)

Oh. And Joey just showed up. The time is 1:30. I give up. Thank you.

EDIT: Shredder ROCKS!! Hugs and kudos to you, my friend! He knows zilch about LJ, but he figured it out for me! The answer? %%messagecount%% colon%%mc-plural-ies%%. So now we know.
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Yeah. As if.

I have so much work to do, so much on my plate that requires focus. I want to do these things, I enjoy doing these things. I'm not trying to convince myself, here, I really do enjoy the benchwork. What I hate like nothing else is working through a set-up on paper, setting it up on the bench, getting to the end and then realizing - when it's almost too late - that I've forgotten something obvious.

Or, like I've done recently, I work on a problem for a while and think I have it solved. So I move ahead triumphantly only to realize that no - I missed something obvious. I adjust and move ahead, a little ashamed at missing the obvious but glad I caught it. . . . only to realize that it's still not working. Why? Because I missed something even more obvious that I should have caught the first time. This isn't ruining or hurting anything because I'm just trying to solve a puzzle that just may not be, well, solvable this way. (This is molecular cloning, for those of you in the know.)

All this has been happening whenever I really try to work on a new problem. I dunno, guys, if I'm getting stupid or if I'm just tired. I know I didn't start out stupid :-D

I have my current set of goals, so I know what I need to work on for now. Maybe the first thing I need to do is straighten things up and organize again. It's sounds like procrastination, but my desk is a mess right now, and I can't look at one task without seeing another one peeking out at me.

I really feel frizzled.

Mamma left Houston this morning. She's on her way up here to spend some time with me. We'll garden (Dave too!), take some walks, eat good food - I think Dave and I will take her to Spring Mill to see the caves - and of course I'll keep working and have a stay-at-home mom for a little while. I'm really looking forward to it.

Well, here's hoping for a successful day. I could use one.
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And so I've not had much to say.

Sorry this space hasn't changed much for several days. I have a ton of work to do and I haven't been doing it. Well, now I am. . . so livejournalling hasn't been much of a priority. I've been reading and commenting, but not composing.

I'm finishing up my poster for the meeting this weekend.

I have to pull something together for lab meeting this week. I was informed this morning that I'm up for Thursday night. Talk about mixed messages, in one breath I was told that powerpoint wasn't necessary but that I could share some of my micrographs. I'm not to spend much time on preparing for lab meeting because I'm expecting to be doing a whole lot of other things.


Yeah. So my motivation meter better kick it up several notches.

That and I really need to stop making the dumbass mistakes I've been making. Last week I twice ran the right experiment on the wrong sample. Twice. After I finished smacking myself in the forehead, I ran two experiments at the same time, didn't mix them up and got the results I needed. But damn! I wish I knew where my brain was hiding the other two days.

Still no word from Denmark on the software that will get me going on cranking out statistical data on those 27 GB. I just spent 4 hours making pretty pictures from about 300 of my image files, but pretty pictures do not a convincing argument make. *shrug* They do, on the other hand, a pretty poster make, so that's what I'm going to have to settle for today.

I did my exercise vid on Saturday night. Not very well, I might add. All this microscopy and data crunching and winterizing has turned me into a little ragdoll. I haven't gained any weight, but I'm definitely a little ragdoll.

Dave and I went shopping this weekend, too. Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! I spent money, yes I did, but I spent money on things that I like a great deal and will enjoy for a good while. A little guilt, yes, but tempered because I enjoyed it and I didn't overdo.

So there.

Speaking of money, time to pay the mortgage, phone and electric bills - and finish lunch. For those of you who may be wondering, Lean Cuisine chicken carbonara (Now! with Real Bacon!) is tasteless and I swear I can't find the bacon. Blah.

A Quickie

Apr. 2nd, 2003 11:23 am
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Speaking of quickies. . . I'd like a. . . yeah, you know. *sigh*

Taxes. IU changed their tax withholding policy and nobody bothered to tell me about it. Ok, maybe they told me about it, but they didn't tell me about it in plain English, nor did they mention that the policy changed applied to me, because I missed it somehow and have found out that I have so far contributed nothing - zip - zilch - nada - to the federal tax coffers because of this policy change. Now, on one hand that's A-OK by me. On the other hand, that could really suck a big 'un come this time next year. *groan* So, I'll fix it by changing one little number and things should be ok. Dad says that as long as the feds get their money by Dec. 31st, they'll be satisfied. I hope he's right :-)

I'm making slow progress in the lab on phase two of my thesis project, but haven't heard a word on that software that will get my manuscript and that 27 GB of data out the door. Still fed up and fuming on that score.

Dave and I got the cannas out of the basement yesterday. It doesn't look as though the firecracker plant made it, and the lavender looks sick - it may be dead but I'm not sure. Eh. We'll see. The cannas at least are fine. Most of the early perennials are coming back and look pretty happy - yay! Dave and I were peering at the gaps where we knew other perennials lay and wondering when and if they were going to come back. We are not experts at this gardening thing, not by a long shot. We love planting and watching things grow, though. Such excitement!

If life goes according to plan today, I hope to get out of here at a reasonable hour so I can enjoy some of the beautiful weather and give my car a bath. It's still green, but not the Silver Fern Chrysler painted it but more of a pollen-greeny yellow. Every time I close the door, a dust cloud of pollen erupts around me.
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Boy, has THIS been a day!

Today was to be the last day of my Big Experiment (tm). It was my big, 7-day long mother of an experiment, during the course of which I have generated some 18 GB worth of image files. I haven't been able to begin analyzing these image files though, because the analysis software I need to use has an attitude problem. Basically, it stubbornly refuses to see what's staring it in the face. Anyway, that's a whole other story that I'll save for another time. Right now, my fingers are hurting too much to type it all out for you.

Why are your fingers hurting so much, Bronwyn?

I'll tell you.

Let me begin by telling you that for this experiment (and during the prep and numerous failed attempts and false starts), I have used a diabetic needle (fine-gauge) and syringe for injecting cells into my system.

Today, I was going to inject a chemical into the system because yesterday I had the bright idea that it would be cool to try a little extra thing for the last day's imaging.

So I loaded up my syringe with propidium iodide, a fluorescent dye and an agent that basically elbows it's way into cells and between the bases of your DNA. We've all seen how bubbles are gotten out of syringes, right? You flick it. Well, I was flicking happily until I STABBED the needle practically to the hilt into the tip of my index finger.

Hurt. Like. Hell.

I squeezed my finger to make it bleed as much as I could from that tiny little hole and cried a little from the pain and frustration.

Score one for the Sharps.

(For added frustration, the rest of the flow cell experiment was a bust and a fuse was blown on the microscope, so I just had to blow off Day 7 completely - Oh well.)

If you followed the link to the propidium iodide, you'll see that in Section 4 it says to seek medical attention. I'll tell you right now, there's not a damn thing that can be done about what happened, no damage that may have been done by the chemical can be reversed, but I needed to follow procedure. So off I went to the emergency room.

I was praised for making myself bleed :-)

I was also given a tetanus shot.

Score two for the Sharps.

I then returned home and called Dave because the weather outside was just too good to be true - sunny and 70 degrees. We decided we'd putter in the garden for a while.

We'd not been outside for more than 20 minutes, and I was removing some dead material and mulch from the base of a Lamb's Ear when a horrible, awful sting shot through my left thumb. At first, I thought splinter. A split-second later, I thought caterpillar sting. Another split-second later, a yellow-jacket appeared.

I'm yelping, cursing, crying and calling for Dave. I'm also squeezing the living shit out of my thumb to get as much poison out as I can. Sure enough, a rather large drop of amber liquid emerges from a puncture wound on my thumb as a white area around it appears.

At that point I'm seriously crying from the pain and the shock - Dave is comforting, calming, wiping the poison away, holding me and helping me inside to the cold water tap.

Score three for the sharps.

I found my wasp and hornet spray under the sink.

Score one for ME.

It's been a couple of hours now, I think, and it still hurts like hell. Oh my GOD does it hurt!!! Those of you who have been stung know what I'm talking about. Those of you who haven't. . . imagine pouring concentrated acid directly into your veins. That's what a wasp sting is, so that's what it feels like.

Benadryl hasn't helped. The only thing that has helped so far is ice. Although, getting ice cream was kinda fun. And now I'm getting ready to head out again - with my ice pack, of course.

Whadda day!

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed :-)
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6am I wake up to my brand new alarm clock (thankyouverymuch). I open my shutters and note that the street is clear and my car is still clean of snow from the evening before.

6:35am I emerge from the bathroom and head to the kitchen, where I look out the window. I can barely see my neighbors' house through a veil of heavy falling snow.

7:20am I emerge from the house to find that over the past hour over an inch of snow has already fallen, and it's still coming down like mad. I send a little apology to the postman who has to navigate my front walk, which hasn't been shoveled. I'm sorry Mr. Postman. Think of this as punishment for all those times last summer when you didn't pick up my outgoing bills.

Anyway, I carefully brushed off the car so that I would have maximum visibility, but quickly realized that at the rate the snow was falling, my back window was totally useless. Oh well, I DID try.

My drive started out all right, until I arrived at the third stop sign - the one on the semi-major thoroughfare where there was actually some traffic. I couldn't stop. Or rather, I couldn't stop by any conventional method. My car did a little sideways crab crawl and came to rest with a small *bump* against the curb. I busted out laughing and was still giggling when I came to the next stop sign, where I tried more coasting and less brakes. This time, instead of the crab crawl, I made a slow turn to the left - Wheeeeeee! I stopped behind the stop sign, believe or not, but I was pointed in the wrong direction. I was fortunate that the car to my left, which had the right of way, was courteous and waited for me. I smiled and waved, while I managed to straighten myself out and proceed through the intersection - still laughing.

Surprise! There's a severe weather alert from the NWS - guess what? It's a SNOW ADVISORY! Not that I needed an advisory. There were subtle hints of snow in the vicinity. I'm pretty good at picking up on things like that.
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You know, that brand-new alarm clock probably would have worked beautifully if I'd TURNED IT ON!


5:30am. Mmmmmmmm gee I have half an hour left. *rolls over* Dreams that her dorm room at Deerfield has been remodeled and now has its own bathroom with. . . .4 bathtubs?!? Dream dream dream

*Rolls over again* It's been a while, surely it's 6 o'clock by now. 7:10 SHIT SHIT SHIT

I managed a quick shower, filled my water bottles, opened the shutters and ran out the door - crap, it snowed *brushbrushbrushbrush* - STILL made it to campus by 7:50. Hungry and with dry skin because I skipped my cosmetic regime, but in time to catch my flow cell (don't ask) before it overflowed. Good grief!

So I've had a Nutri-grain bar and a small serving of soup that I picked up at the Union when I stopped by the bank an hour and a half ago.

In spite of all the sleep that I managed to catch up on this weekend (on purpose) and this morning (by accident) I am still under that big load of too-much-to-do and too-little-time stress that I was under last week.



Oct. 29th, 2002 07:55 am
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All right. Who's the idiot who decided not to put storm sewers in this city?

Come on, 'fess up you moron!

*sigh* My little legs are just too short to get me clear across a 6-foot wide river. No no, I have to land IN the river.

See, if I had a brain I would have worn my duckboots and brought my shoes with me. But no. I had to spend 10 minutes trying to pry a contact out of my eye before realizing the contact was no longer there, and hadn't been there for a good while (ouch). Then, thrown off kilter by my eyeball-scratching experience, I completely forgot to prepare myself properly for the weather.

I hope the river runs dry before I leave this afternoon.


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