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In big faded red letters, the sign reads:

To yet another cell-phone obsessed Potentia employee, this means

Did you know that? I didn't know that.

The *wooshwooshwoosh* didn't tip him off, the several throat-clearings didn't tip him off. The sound of bottles being capped and hoses being un-hosed didn't tip him off, either. Nor did the sound of my bag being zipped.

I came around the screen, boob attachments in hand, to find him - no kidding - six inches away from the screen looking at the DO NOT DISTURB sign. I scowled at him and flipped the sign back over the screen, then slammed the door.

Now there's a new sign with bright red lettering:

Last month, the building security guard peeked around the screen. And he knows me and knows what I do back there. I don't know what got into him, but he felt terrible about it. I refuse to acknowledge the building manager, who has peeked back there twice, and who helpfully (and on several occasions) suggested that my sign should read


And there was of course the other Potentia employee who peeked back there when I was still pumping for Samuel. He, too, was on the phone, and was so kind as to give a running commentary as he observed the screen and the sign.

In the spring, I lost a $20 bill in the hallway in front of our laboratory door. I went to the security guard to ask if anyone had turned in the $20 I lost, and explained that I had it in my pocket to buy milkshakes for myself and my then-in-hospital mother. The guard had found it and asked around. One of the Potentia employees had claimed it as his own. The guard was angry that someone had lied to him, confronted the guy, and got my $20 back.

I don't know what's wrong with these people...

In other news, Dixon is a big fan of eating and standing up. See?


I don't mean to neglect Samuel, but the videos I have are still stuck on the camera. He's learning how to say "bicycle" - or, "bi-glglglglglglgle", to hear him tell it. He's picking up all sorts of 4- and even 5-word phrases, like, "Hi Julie, let's play!" and, "Baby Dixon go night night". We have to work hard to understand him, but he's improving. His vocabulary is exploding and his counting and letter-recognition skills are great. I'm just so proud of him and the progress he's making every day.

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This is a 1996 article regarding the vocabulary we use when discussing breastfeeding. I found it to be absolutely fascinating and suspect some of you may also find it interesting.

I came across this while investigating the circumstances that prompted tomorrow's Nurse-Out at Applebees. There are articles in both The Courier-Journal and The Herald-Leader.

At any rate, I want to keep easy access to it, so here it is.

Read and discuss, if you care to do so.
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You're talking on your cellphone while walking through a hallway and, at the end of that hallway, you spot a 7-ft long screen and a Please Do Not Disturb sign in the nook about 20 feet to your left in a side-hall.

Do you:
a) say nothing and continue on your way to the elevator in the main hallway (or back up the hallway from whence you came)?


b) give your cellphone pal a blow-by-blow as you walk up to the screen, comment on the sign and the fact that you hear "a funny noise" coming from behind it and START TO MOVE THE FUCKING SCREEN?

"Excuse me, there's a reason for that sign," I said as I sat behind the screen with my breasts exposed and the pump contraption just starting to do its job.

What the flying fuck, people?!?

The voice was not one I recognize and I didn't have the presence of mind (or slack in the hoses) to stand up to confront the idiot in person. I also couldn't just drop the bottles because I'd wind up covered in milk and there'd be an awful mess. A pumping mother is in an extremely vulnerable position, particularly if she isn't taking any modesty precautions over and above a PRIVACY SCREEN and DO NOT DISTURB sign.

And oh yes. A lactating mother must be relaxed in order to express milk. This is a basic rule of physiology. How relaxed do you think I was after this episode?

Not wanting to inform the entire MedCenter world about what we're doing behind our privacy screen, I made the following alteration to our sign:

Private Area
In Use
Do Not Disturb

I resisted the temptation to add the unprofessional, "This Means You, You Nosy Fuck!"

Of course one must be careful lest one find herself forced to make her baby's lunch in a toilet stall.

In other news, that 7 foot long screen did not pass inspection by the building manager who, I'm told, threw an unprofessional (by my supervisor's standards) e-mail fit in which she threatened to rescind her approval of the space and gave an ultimatum: Replace the screen with a furniture-quality (a new criterion) one, approved by Me by August 15 or I will throw your (functional but not up to spec) screen out in the dumpster.

Awesome. Just watch her pick the most expensive one we come up with. Furniture-quality screens are expensive - and we need two of them to cover the full 7 feet.

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This is why nurse'n'surf is not a good idea... Oops!

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Although this isn't the most scientific way to gauge my own rationality on the issue, I ask you to help me out. Guys, just imagine you could express milk and tell me what you think.

Oops, meant to cut this )

My last question is this - do I wait to see what they do with that toilet stall, or tell them now that I will not under any circumstances accept that as an appropriate location? In other words, am I being irrational and should wait and see, or am I completely rational and should tell them what to do with their toilet stall?

x-posted for improved sampling size


Jun. 29th, 2007 09:37 am
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What a difference! In just a month, he's changed so much. In the icon, he's two months old, and he's three months old this week.

I still look at him in awe... so in love.

Baby milestones and diaper talk )

TGIF! We'll have a whole two days together :)

Tonight, Jeff's staying at a hotel in Nowhere, Indiana to take care of a troubled store. It'll be the first night in forever that we have been apart and I'll miss him, but maybe if the baby sleeps in the bed with me, I won't get too lonely.

As for the pumping-at-work situation... )

Speaking of which, it's time to go down to the temporary dairy and then maybe compose some more grant documents.
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these aren't options the building manager is presenting us with. Rather, these are well-maybes she's casually bandying about. My supervisor and the other ladies' supervisor are going to have to play liaison for us, which also sucks, because I like to fight my own fights.

In the meantime, I pump in the soon to be otherwise occupied office, my back to the window, wondering just how uncomfortable I'm making people. No. Wondering how uncomfortable some people are choosing to be.

I'll happily take that conference room closet. It's got big steam pipes on one wall (so it's warm), a table, chair, outlet, no windows, and flats upon flats of Cokes, paper plates and napkins. Perfect! Seriously! So long as we can walk through the conference room to the closet whenever we need to do so, it's all good.

But no V, we're not going to schedule our sessions so that we're all pumping together. Much as we may feel like dairy cows at times, we don't want to feel that we're actually in a dairy. Besides which, we'd probably blow a circuit. Thanks anyway.

Alright, I'll stop bitching. For now O_o

No wait. One more gripe. Elljay's comment notification thingamabob is running slower than molasses in wintertime.

Okay, now I'm done.
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1. This is second-hand, but apparently the sound of our breastpumps is "distracting" people. The person then backtracked, hemming and hawing about "know it's natural, but..."
2. Ok, then why are you making us pump in a cubicle that is one of 4 in a group, the other three occupied by MEN?
3. We could do it in the offices within our laboratories.
4. Key word, lady, is "laboratories". Hello, OSHA? There's a chick makin' like a cow in our lab, is that ok? No? You're shutting us down? Oh, shit. Hello, CLIA? ditto ditto ditto.
5. We could do it in the handicap stall of the bathroom.
6. Operative word here, and I grant it's implied, is "toilet". Also no power outletthe power outlet is 6 inches from the toilet seat, no table, no chair. Have you ever seen a breastpump? Do you know how they work? Ok, well I'll show you and then you'll understand why your idea is ludicrous.
7. Also, EW!
8. I'm one of two women who are pumping. A third woman is pregnant and plans to pump. Apparently this makes us qualify for "you guys" status, and this sudden explosion of pumps is distressing to some.
9. Again with the "then give us a cubicle way the hell over there and get a white noise generator for chrissakes" suggestion.
10. We could do it in the closet of the main conference room.
11. And, if there's someone having a meeting, can I just waltz in and go into the closet? If I'm in the closet and someone starts a meeting, can I just waltz on out? No? Then try again.

Yes, I understand they are under no obligation to do anything for us. I know that. You know what this tells me, though? It tells me they're jerks because they'd rather say, "I don't have to help you, so I won't" than say, "I don't have to help you, but I want to, so I will".

Also, I still don't understand people's hangups about breastfeeding. Ok, you don't want to watch me do it, fine. But to gripe because you can hear the pump and you know what's going on and that makes you uncomfortable? What the frack? These aren't toys, you know. This isn't fun for me. This is what I have to do. Get over yourself.

I'm angry, and trying not to be.
I'm failing.
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This blows. I was just informed that the empty office I've been using for my dairy cow sessions will no longer be unoccupied as of some time in July. Although this office had a wall of windows, the windows are nicely frosted and I can sit at the corner of the desk with my back to the world. The curve in the desk was also very handy for pressing the pump thingers and my chest against for hands-free pumping. Awkward, yes, but at least I could play Tetris on my cell phone or eat or read something while I pumped. There was even a drawer with a key where I've been leaving the pump during the week so I'm not toting this 10-pound monster up and down and in and out every day.

Now I'm going to be relegated to a cubicle in the middle of the room, with an ovoid table and a sliding door that leaves a 6-inch gap. The only plug is in the corner opposite the door, so I'm essentially forced to face outward. I pumped in there a couple of times, and had to rig a curtain using a clean lab coat and some thumbtacks.

This is far from ideal, but it's the only option I'm being given. Well no it isn't. They said I could do it up here in the lab, but these are people who don't understand that CLIA and OSHA would throw a shit-fit if they found out. Besides which, the only spot up here with a door is an office with nothing but windows for walls. And no blinds. So, no.

This sucks. Hard. I've been able to relax and pump in relative comfort (when you're pumping booju, comfort is always relative) and now I'll be hunched over a table with my hands gripping the damned thingers and constantly glancing up at the gap in the door to make sure the coat isn't slipping.

Goddammit I'd almost rather go do it in my fucking car.

One more reason why I hate that I have to work.


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