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Jeff called me upstairs with the phrase I've learned to fear, "you need to see this." I go up, wondering what I'll find. Slowly, I open the door to the boys' room and there it is. Half of the laundry basket, still full of clothes, is sitting forlornly next to the other half of the basket, which is now a large but tidy pile of sticks.

Samuel, did you and Dixon do this?
Did you know it was the wrong thing to do?
Then why did you do it?!?
I don't know!

Its brain damage!

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I finally sat down to journal today and LJ wasn't working.

To save my thumb (NAiPhone), I'll be brief and hope I'll have time to elaborate later.

The boys started sharing a room this weekend. Samuel's improved sleep on the front end is being offset by Dixon's loss of the sleep on the back end. Samuel awakens with gusto and disturbs Sleeping Cutie.

Win some, lose some.

We had another great weekend of mulching, sandbox and power wheel play, and taking a walk and meeting the horses at the end of our street.

Life is never boring with Samuel and Dixon. Every day they do or say something to make me smile in surprise, pride, and wonder.

Good night, world.

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I miss life on LJ.
I miss having spare time.

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A warm baby on your chest is a great sleep aid, until he startles and scares the bejeezus out of you.

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Not that I invented anything. Liam is allergic to everywhere that isn't my arms. This is a little awkward and leaves me immobilized much of the time. Ever try to handpiece a quilt with a baby in your arms?

I have. Look there in the upper left, you'll see a star in progress. The foreground is dominated, in more ways than one, by The Wee Master.

So in a fit of desperation, I just tore a sheet in half lengthwise (a very ragged cut - see photo above) and sewed it end-to-end super fast and ugly. Voila. 5.5 yards (ish) of white sheet.


There you have it. It'll work until I can go shopping for more appropriate fabric.

Post script: apparently, my iPhone has only the vaguest idea where I live. The accuracy runs out after Oldham County.

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