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Here 'tis...

Getting there!

Also, a few (ok, too many) Dixon pics in hier )


Jul. 9th, 2009 01:49 pm
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Alright, I'm on Ravelry now, so come find me.
I'm BronwynRH

I need another obsession like I need a hole in the head.


Jul. 9th, 2009 12:59 pm
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I just realized something last night, while working merrily on my Moderne Log Cabin Blanket (photos of progress maybe tomorrow).

The pattern sez to use size 6 needles, and that the blanket should be 60" x 50" (150 cm x 124 cm) GAUGE: 22 sts + 44 rows = 4" (10 cm) in garter stitch.

I'm using size 10 needles.

How ginormous is my blanket going to be, and is that a bad thing?

When I get down to the business of making clothes for the kids, I'll have to get this gauge stuff under control.
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First, there are these fabulous little fellas.

Then, there's my latest accomplishment: Dixon's quilt!

The pattern is Animal Crossing, from Cherry House Quilts. I can't say enough good things about Cherri... she's just wonderful. And check out her wildly talented daughter, Lizzy.

And now I have to go soothe the younger of those young'uns I'm so proud of. *sigh* So tired. Kid, I love you, but please please please go to sleep.
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Mom's blood test showed no abnormal cells. So maybe her low blood counts are simply the result of a slow come-back from the chemotherapy. Doc wants to wait another month before another blood test, and told mom to get lots of rest and don't push herself.


We've been worried that her slow recovery was a recurrence... at least we can set that worry aside for now.

I have photos from Samuel's birthday, but haven't been able to upload them yet. Bad mommy.

He's been picking up a great imitation habit, which is helping immensely with his language. We're not progressing in leaps and bounds, mind you, but we are making progress. He imitates three-syllable phrases - at least the intonations - and occasionally we think we can hear the words. I could swear he said, "I love you" on Saturday. When I read Just For You, he says "bubble!" and "bag broke" (bah bock) - which he picked up all by himself.

He loves to watch golf, and understands that it's good when the ball goes into the hole. We're trying to teach him to shout "in the hooooole!" when the players swing, in hopes that we can station him in the backyard to heckle the golfers there. Right now, he just waves and babbles at them.

Oh, and when you ask him how old he is, he tells you )

Dixon is 6 shots into the 10-shot regimen, and I finally figured out how to do it with the least upset. Thank goodness, he never holds it against me. He's showing some side effects, but I'm not sure that means he's likely to pass the test. I never studied endocrinology to any appreciable degree, but I don't think what we're seeing is any indication that he's going to pass. We certainly haven't seen anything descend, which would be proof positive. Next Tuesday is the last shot, and Wednesday is the blood draw. Then we hurry up and wait for results.

Growing tired of people thinking he's a girl, and realizing that it was making him rather hot at times, and growing tired of cleaning cottage cheese from the tangles, I finally trimmed Dixon's hair. He is no longer MulletBoy, but you can still call him by his other Indian names, ThunderButt and GiggleSnort.

Read more... )

As for work, I got the cancer grant out the door 3 days before the deadline. More hurry up and wait. Thank the gods, the Powers That Be decided that, although another product is a priority, its importance is so great that it would be unwise to write a grant in haste, just to squeeze under the ARRA fund-brella. We'd be doing ourselves a disservice if we tried. So there's one less grant to write OMGRIGHTNOW!

Love that one of my colleagues keeps pointing out that the grant application is cumbersome and obnoxiously, computer-draggingly huge. Yes, yes I know. Glad you're finally getting a taste of what I've been telling you these past three years. Ah, well. I managed to bang this last one out in quick order, with relatively little pain, perhaps indicating that I've finally hit my grantwriting groove.

Er... Yay?

On to IRBs and the whole mess o' bureaucratic forms those entail. Somebody stop me, I'm having too much fun.

Oh hey, I ordered $111 worth of yarn from so I can finish the knitted blanket [ profile] travellight set me on. Thanks, Susan, for the new obsession. I'll try to post a picture of my progress... It's going to be beautiful when I'm finished, sometime around my 43rd birthday.
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damn damn damn

Lookit here. See what I did?

14 ridges... no, 15 ridges... no, 14... shit

See, now I can forgive myself the newbie massacre of those dropped stitches in the lower left. I did my best to recover them and when I was done, I was able to move on and chalk the scar up to "that's what'll make the blanket mine." But that switchback there? The one that gave me 14 ridges on one side and 15 on the other? What the fuck.

And you know how I realized it? Not by paying careful attention to my work, o no. I was too busy knitting myself into blissful oblivion. No, I decided to check my count. 77. Wait. There should only be 76. I thought I'd got it right after the How Not To Inadvertently Increase self-lesson of two weekends ago! Lemme count again. 77. Lemme count that one more time. 77. Shit. What did I do? *That's* when I took a closer look and saw the switchback.

So, tell me how to fix this... or recover from it, anyway, because I know fixing it will require unknitting all those rows. I can't bear the thought of unknitting all that when I just got the hang of this! Hell, if you can't tolerate leaving me with this travesty in wool, I'll send it to you so you can fix it.

Note to Self: It doesn't matter if the baby is screaming or the house is on fire. DO NOT set your knitting aside in mid-row.

Ugh. Just, ugh!

Also, help?


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