Jul. 25th, 2009 11:41 am
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Costco, bless their hearts, had 24-bottle flats of real Coke. I mean REAL Coke, made with cane sugar, courtesy of our neighbors to the South.

It is good. Really, really good. This is what Coca-Cola should taste like!


Apr. 28th, 2009 03:25 pm
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I can't stop thinking about chocolate.

No, really, I can't think of anything but chocolate and how much I want some RIGHT NOW.

Ahhh hah! Leftover, neglected chocolates in the boss' neglected inbox have hereby been pilfered of one mini 100 Grand.

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In sort of a "where are they now?" pursuit. . .

I'm reading the History of Woman Suffrage (vol. 5) and within one of the appendices is described the several locations of the National headquarters of the Woman Suffrage Association. Among the locations were three New York City addresses: 171 Madison Ave. (the 14th floor), and 505 Fifth Ave. (17th floor), and the World Building (used at two different times).

A few minutes of googling later, and I find,

at 171 Madison Ave. (14th floor), the IT company, High Caliber Solutions.

at 505 Fifth Ave, the building is owned by Kipp-Stawski and leased by American Capital Strategies. It's a new building on the site.

and the World Building was the first skyscraper, built in 1890. Here it is on the far left. Click the red dot there to read more about it. It was demolished in 1955 to make way for an expanded entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Pointless meandering, but fascinating :)

Oo! Oo!

Oct. 4th, 2005 09:02 am
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Holy mother o' Pete.

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Some meme-y goodness.
Here's 20 random facts you may or may not already know about me.
G'head. Tag some of your friends.

1. Before I was 6 years old, I'd lived in 7 cities - three in the US and four overseas.
2. I used to play the flute and the piano. I can barely play now, but I can still read music.
3. I hate to practice things I'm not good at.
4. Like [livejournal.com profile] adaon, I've never broken a bone or had stitches.
5. I love to look over the edge at great heights, but I'm afraid to walk on a balance beam.
6. I can curl my tongue AND whistle :)
7. The only reason I didn't skip kindergarten is because I didn't know how to skip.
8. A man once offered to take me to King Fahd. My parents were offered gold and sheep in exchange.
9. When I was small, my invisible friends were a monkey mouse AND a monkey. *see comments*
10. I'm happiest when I'm on a boat - even if it's just a kayak - or when I'm swimming in the ocean.
11. I am a good cook.
12. My career aspirations, in chronological order: cheerleader, astronaut, architect, archaeologist, pediatrician. I landed on microbiologist, but often wish I'd stopped at archaeologist.
13. I helped one of my best friends deliver her first child.
14. I changed his first diaper.
15. I have never ridden a roller coaster without panicking
16. I love to climb, so long as I don't have to come back down.
17. The only job I've held outside the ivory tower was at Victoria's Secret.
18. I talk to my experiments.
19. I tried to run away from home once, but had to come back because I lived in a fenced compound guarded by men with guns and I didn't think I could swim to Bahrain.
20. I dream in color.

Holy moly, that was not easy!
Ok, I'm going to tag [livejournal.com profile] carrie, [livejournal.com profile] dawnk22 and [livejournal.com profile] rhubelerosko because they're among the newest additions to my friends list.

Hey, saves me the trouble of reading archives, right?
No obligation, ladies. Really.
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And so we have another chapter in the dramatic saga of healthcare bills.

But first, an update. I have yet to see the approximately $400 owed to me by Megadeath for my migraine medications - a prescription I filled and paid for 3 weeks ago. I am told that I should soon see the $28 I am owed for a doctor's visit from a little over a month ago. We'll see if they remembered to include the check in the envelope (they forgot to do that with [livejournal.com profile] ashfault76's claim).

Who's trying to send me to collections, now? )

In other news, I'm still waiting to hear from an appraiser. At this rate, I won't be able to close before the end of the month, which means I'll have to pay that dreaded higher July mortgage payment. Grrr! I don't like appraisers. My every encounter with them has shown them to be very very bad about making appointments, calling back and meeting their commitments. Annoying, to say the least!

The Lawnmower Saga Or: When Customer Service Goes Right )

So, that's been my Monday so far. I need to do a bunch of reading, since I didn't set up to do benchwork today. I had a migraine yesterday that pretty much kept me on the couch. At least I managed to mow the lawn (once I got the mower started) and I vacuumed the house. I was pretty pathetic yesterday.

I did another little something this weekend that you'll all make fun of me for, so I won't tell you about it just yet. ;-)
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I wanted to replace the top of my page with something unrelated to The Event (tm), and perhaps a bit happier. . .

My Saturday morning started out with annoyance, and has fizzled out to blah. It all started when a small package from my favorite online cosmetics merchant was not delivered yesterday as it should have been. I was left with a car insurance bill (always unwelcome in my cash-poor household) and a note advising me that my package was at the Woodbridge Post Office and that I was welcome to pick it up today.

Well, in and of itself, that's not too awful - certainly there are worse things in the world.

My annoyance is with my constantly-changing quality of mail delivery and the fact that I'm having to go pick up mail that should have been left at my door with the insurance statement and the ever-present Victoria's Secret catalog.

Then my annoyance grew as I confronted late-Saturday-morning traffic and two, yes two, traffic accidents, both of which impeded my progress.

THEN to arrive at the post office (not the one 5 blocks from my house, the one 3 miles from my house) and wait a further 30 minutes to get my 1lb package.

It was just one of those mornings when none of the little things seemed to go right. I even found that the bread I was about to use for my lunch had molded.

good grief.

Maybe it's the weather - all day it's been muggy and over-warm and completely overcast - but with no promise of rain. That sort of weather can feel oppressive even when all the little things are going well.

But hey, let's step back and look at the big picture. My research is going really well, I'm slowly making progress on my first major publication, and I may soon be able to complete the experiments that will allow me to publish a second paper - both in the same year!

If only we could get some rain and a nice break in the weather. . . and a date with a nice guy . . . yeah, that would round out the goodness quite nicely :-)
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It's amazing the things I manage to accomplish when I don't turn on my TV.

Two days ago, I came home and made a barely decent meal of macncheese and grilled zucchini. I then watched my new exercise video as I ate. . . yes, yes I know that's not how you're supposed to exercise, but it's a new tape and I wanted to see what was in store.

So I then turned OFF the television, washed my dishes and then actually did the work out with the tape (thank you Dave for the great little TV-vcr) while my cat watched and tried her best to get stepped on.

Ok, so I'm being a pretty good girl so far, right? Well then my domestic goddess rose to the fore. . . I chopped and seared and readied my crock pot (a kitchen miracle if you ask me - thank you, Aunt Sharyn and Uncle Phil) for a dee-licious stew that I was going to get started in the morning. And while I was at it with the kitchen gadgets, I even set up my bread maker to make cinnamon raisin bread that would fill my house with baking-bread-scent as I woke in the morning.

Well, this is where I get demoted to demigoddess. Yesterday morning, I overslept and couldn't work out. I got the stew started, but was unsure how much broth to add, so I had to guess. And I opened my bread maker to find a loaf that hadn't risen - it was a flat-top. Disappointed, I tried a slice, but just couldn't see myself eating it, much less sharing it with my lab mates. *sigh* All I could do was cross my fingers that the stew would turn out ok.

When I returned from work and opened my front door, the most heavenly scent met me there. *yum*

Of course, it was delicious and I felt very proud and VERY thankful to not be eating tuna fish or macaroni and cheese. Now I just hope I can continue to enjoy it for three more meals.

The hazards of living alone - you have to eat a LOT of leftovers.
I haven't yet mentioned today's anniversary, but only because we're all painfully aware of what today's date is and we all remember vividly what we witnessed and what our fellows suffered on this day last year.

I can think of nothing to say that wouldn't be trite or superfluous, so I'll just say this:

Take care of and respect yourself and the people around you.

That's all any of us can do.

Top Five

Sep. 9th, 2002 09:20 am
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Potch and I were chatting the other day about, what else?, music. He asked me what I want as my wedding song.

Obviously, I'm not getting married anytime in the foreseeable future, but I do have a few favorite love songs that may be good candidates for a wedding song. So far, I've come up with five - let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Billy Joel - She's Got a Way
REM - You are the Everything
Jim Croce - Time in a Bottle
James Taylor - How Sweet It Is
Tom Petty - Angel Dream no. 4 (from the She's the One Soundtrack)

If these songs don't set your heart aflutter. . . well, you just may need to check your pulse :-)

Monday - the bottom of a steep hill to climb. Stretch and get to it!
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Tweet. Tweet. Tweedleedeet.

About a month ago, when my dad was here visiting me, we built a little fountain in my backyard. We put a water lily in it, in hopes that it would add yet more life to the perky little burbling of the water. I keep hoping the lily will bloom, but it seems as though I may just have to keep hoping.

It seems I'm not the only one who enjoys my lovely water feature. One morning last week, I spied an adorable young squirrel precariously perched along the side of the font, dipping his head in for a drink and pawing at the lily.

I've spotted several birds taking the odd bath here and there, but this morning, my little fountain was a veritable pool party. Four little sparrows had arrayed themselves around the edge of the pot and were joyously dipping their heads in and waggling their tails to splash themselves. They seemed so happy, it made me smile.

Ahhh Saturday. My day of total retreat from the world. I ignore my phone, I talk to. . . well, I talk to the cat if she seems interested, but she felt more like napping by my side while I read today, so I pretty much just didn't talk at all.

Heck, I don't think I've even spoken to myself today.

It's late afternoon now and I'm starting to feel the urge to stir myself a bit, so I suppose I'll locate my pals and head out for the evening. Maybe I'll see some of you at the movies!



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