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I wish I had time to write more substantially, but it's more important to me to get this written down so I don't forget.

Liam has been scooch-crawling for about a month. He is now crawling with his belly off the floor AND he is starting to cruise. He is ridiculously fast and always has to be in the thick of things. He wants to do everything his brothers do (except eat real food--I still can't get him to eat).

Samuel is just weeks away from autonomous reading. His new teacher is working with him on -at words this week and he doesn't seem to need much reinforcement. He had it the first day and has kept it up all week without forgetting a thing. He's awfully sharp, smart and perceptive. He's also very high-energy. I have to work on my patience, because I wind up yelling too much... He is argumentative and I'm trying to teach him to obey us without arguing ("But I...!" and "I will after I..." and "Not now..."). I don't want to crush his spirit, but he needs to get in the habit of obeying first, discussing later. I see it as a matter of safety more than anything else, because his impulses could get him hurt or he could hurt his brothers.

It's just fascinating, watching him grow and develop. He's a really great kid and he surprises me all the time.

Dixon is also sharp as a tack and very, very sweet. We're trying to encourage him to start pottying, but he's resistant. Ready, but resistant. I've started him at school with Samuel, but only 1 day a week. When I can afford to send him 3 days, I will, but for now I can only do 1 day. He loves the new school (he was not a fan of the old one) and asks me every day if he can go back.

They always cheer when they get to play with MomMom and PopPop, though. They went fishing on Tuesday, and Dixon caught his first fish. They've gone fishing again today :)

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Date: August 30th, 2011 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] shebear
Oh man, it's going to be trouble if Liam learns to crawl just in time to give it up and walk instead! That's kind of what Jacob did. I think other-than-first children just feel like they need to get *moving* already!


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